FAQ for Moro

Where can I get Moro?

Good question! Moro is currently only available on the App Store. Interested? Click here. Sorry guys, girls and everything in between with a horrible different phone.

Where can you follow Moro?

You can follow Moro on social media to stay up to date about the latest updates or to see how other people play the game. If you post something with #morochallenge you can challenge other players and make my day! Or use #morosupport if you need help with something.

What does Moro do?

Moro is an app that lets you challenge the world and your friends with your own challenges, amazing right! Create a cup or group, make up a challenge and enjoy with the world!

Who is the winner of the challenge?

It depends. In groups every member sends a creative picture or video. Everyone can rate each other's submission from 0-10. The player with the highest average rating at the end of the challenge gets to create the new challenge. In cups it's the same, but the winner cannot create a new challenge, the cup is just over.