The Story

How did Moro start?

The app started with a friend of mine that played a 'challenge' with his friends to find the ugliest shoes. He found a shoe and sent it to his friends. After that, everyone gave their opinion and they chose the winner. It quickly became unclear who would be the winner. So I thought it would be a great idea for an app to make this process easier.

The Name

'Moro' means 'fun' in Norwegian. Since I started this app my dream was to start a company in Norway. Why Norway? I think it's an amazing country with beautiful nature. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere working together with creative and passionate people to create more fun apps/games that you can enjoy with your friends.


My passion is creating apps. I really like the fact that I can make something and I get the chance to change the lives of potential millions of people.

The Goal

Save the planet.

Our generation will face some real challenges regarding the climate. Moro wants to help and make that challenge a bit smaller for the next generation. Profits of the app will go to charities who clean the oceans and protect/plant trees!


I'm trying to create games that you, your friends and all other living things in the universe will enjoy. I think playing together makes everything much more fun. You cannot only use Moro to boost your creativity, but also connect with people around the world.


Today, tomorrow and 10 years from now I think creativity is more important than your school degree. With Moro I try to stimulate your creativity. Play Moro and be prepared for the future!

xxx Birth giver of Moro